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Hello! We're Mike & Bobbi.

Together with our sons, we are looking forward to welcoming another child into our hearts and family.

Explore our website to learn more about us, our family, our adoption stories, and how potential birth parents can reach out to us and begin the process of giving their child a safe and loving home with our family. CONTACT MIKE & BOBBI →



About Us

Mike and Bobbi met through mutual friends on a blind date 15 years ago, and the rest is history. We have been married 13 wonderful years. Through the good times and challenging times, our bonds as a couple and a family have grown strong. Adoption was always a plan for us; Bobbi is an adoptee herself and always knew she would be an adoptive parent. We welcomed our two sons, Lance and Kale, into our family through the process of adoption. Now, we hope to open our hearts again. Learn more about our family →

Our family vision

Our family welcomes any gender or ethnicity. We are open to twins, or a sibling group. We are open to a newborn up to 5 years old.

With your permission, we will be happy to have an ongoing relationship with you through letters, pictures and future visits. If you should choose a closed adoption, we are happy to do that.

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Prospective birth parent(s), we eagerly await the opportunity to communicate with you. We believe adoption is a deeply personal and profound choice, and we want to talk to you about the process of welcoming your child into our home and hearts.

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About Our Family & Home

Mike & Bobbi  •  our sons  •  Our lives & families


Married for 13 wonderful years, Mike and Bobbi welcomed their two sons, Lance and Kale, into their family through the process of adoption. Now, they hope to grow their family again. 


About Mike

"Mike is the best husband," says Bobbi. He is a very kind, patient man and a supportive husband. Mike is also an involved father  always thrilled to play ball, fish, go canoeing or play a game of cards with his children. His deep faith in God strengthens his family and his marriage.

About Bobbi

Bobbi's genuine and warm personality immediately shines through. "When I first met Bobbi," Mike says, "I knew she would be a part of my life." Bobbi is very involved with her sons' education and activities. She loves family game night, crafts and outdoor activities. She is the president of the Altar Society and lectors at their church.

Bobbi's Adoption Story

Bobbi was adopted with her two brothers; her family adopted three other children as well. She always knew she was adopted, and her parents were very open and willing to talk about the adoption process. Bobbi was able to meet her birth mother, Helen, when she was 21. "It was a great reunion," Bobbi says. "I was happy that she could finally put her mind and heart to rest with the knowledge that her children were raised together and are all doing well." The two stayed in touch until Helen's death in 2011. "I will always cherish the time we had," Bobbi says.

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Our Sons

Lance, 10

Lance came to us through foster care at the age of 8 months. He is a very compassionate and empathetic young man. Lance likes to joke around and make people laugh. He takes his role as big brother seriously, and is eager to add another younger sibling to the family.

Kale, 8

Kale came to us from the hospital as a newborn. He is very caring and rambunctious; he loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian. He looks up to his older brother and can't wait to be a big brother himself.

Our lives, home & families

We enjoy an active lifestyle with a lot of outdoor time. We live about two miles from town on a hobby farm, with a small garden and a variety of animals. Our home offers so much fun and opportunity for children to explore and have adventures together. We also have many indoor game and craft nights. We are active in our Church community as well; we are the leaders of our Confirmation class this year, and look forward to guiding our children in the Catholic faith as they grow.

Our families are excited and supportive of our adoption journey. Mike and Bobbi both come from families with six kids. The children in Bobbi's family are all adopted. Between the two families, we have 25 nieces and nephews. When we all get together, it's fun-loving chaos!